About Sheila Soares

Jazz. Blues. Soul. Folk. Sheila Soares melds insightful lyrics, compelling melodies, and intriguing grooves into a sultry performance to connect with your heart.

Sheila came to a solo music career during the experienced years of life, beginning at a Toronto vocal jazz jam then progressed to songwriting and performing in the Toronto area with some of Canada's best musicians. She has performed and recorded with Eric St-Laurent, Jordan O'Connor, Jeff McLeod, Chris Wallace, David Restivo, Peter Hill, Ron Johnston, and John Collin.

Sheila also has a classical singing background. She studied voice with Carolynne Davy Godin of the Guelph Chamber Choir, and was a soprano and frequent soloist for half a decade with Vocal Horizons Chamber Choir under the direction of Vincent Cheng. Music learning is ongoing as Sheila is currently exploring the cello and guitar. She is a member of Christine Duncan's improvisational Element Choir.

She will always thank her father for exposing her to jazz as a child as he listened to Oscar Peterson, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck and the many other jazz artists that have remained in Sheila's musical consciousness for life. Her own eclectic interests in musical listening allow her to feel at home writing and performing in many genres.

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